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01/20/12 10:28 AM #1    

Janet Hollen (Wood)

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03/11/12 10:50 AM #2    


Steven Paul Mifflin


07/04/12 09:51 AM #3    


Stan Roberts

Does anybody else remember Chubby's Lunch, our favorite late night hangout?  Was it on the corner of 3rd East and 21st South?  Could we get Steve Mifflin to bring a couple of those bad boy fish to our reunion to cut down on the price of our dinner?

Stan Roberts

09/19/13 01:55 PM #4    


Susan Hemmingsen (Marchant)

Well, I'm feeling real left out because I never hung out at Chubby's.  But I did go to a buffet restaurant on Highland Drive that was an all you can eat deal and, if my memory is working at all today, I remember the building having lsomething like a big clown head (or some kind of head) and you walked in the restaurant through his open mouth.  Okay,,,,am i having a bad dream or did the place actually exist???   Help me out here, please.  Also, I remember going to one of the first pizza restaurants.  It ws located on 900 east and around 50th South, and again, I do not remember the name. Russ Newren took me there and I certainly knew I was glad pizza had come to Utah.  I LOVED it, plus we had a fun time together.

Okay, I am on a roll here.  Speaking of great pizza places in the salt lake area  is Litza's Pizza on  400 So. and 900 East.  I still love to eat there and close my eyes to all the grease and try to not think of all l l l the calories.

Does it sound like I enjoy eating out?  Yep, you guessed right.  and cooking, and eating good food anytime.

This is my story, and i'm stickin' to it----

Until next time.

Susan Hemmingsen Marchant

09/19/13 04:43 PM #5    


Richard Jacques



Yes, I clearly remember Chubbys' on 3rd East and 21st South.

A man behind the counter wearing a white puffy hat and smoking a Camel (cigarette--not the dromedary) put together very tasty hamburgers & chips and served them up in  little red plastic baskets with white tissue at the bottom.

And, in one corner there was a Pin Ball Machine.  Me and my buddies ("The Boys") gobbled down a lot of hamburgers at Chubbys....... And, we passed more time than we should have flipping the steel ball through that flashy old Pin Ball machine way  back in those  memorable  "good ole days..."

09/19/13 07:54 PM #6    


Dwight Tolley

I remember Chubby's just like Richard describes it.  It used to be a favorite hang out for us guys that lived at the House of Pizza up in Sugarhouse.

I do remember the restaurant that Susan wrote about.  It was called the "Beau Brummel" , it was real close to the Villa Theater up on Highland Drive.  I recall the big mouth that you entered through.

As I recall the first pizza place to come to SLC was the Pizza Oven that opened on 9th East and 21st South.  It soon became a favorite for many South High Cubs as soon as they got a car.  When it closed we would head to Chubby's.

The Pizza Oven later moved to Parley's Way and the House of Pizza took over.  We were in there having a good time when we left and got into our serious accident when we were just 16.  Many memories of that place...

I don't remember a pizza place out on 9th and 50th but the manager of the House of Pizza left and opened the Italian Village on 33rd and 9th East.

09/20/13 09:26 AM #7    


Susan Hemmingsen (Marchant)

Hi there.  Me again,   First of all, I had to look up your picture Dwight as my memory was pretty foggy as to who you were.  And then I  read your profile and could not stop laughing about the condom prank which I had never hear about.  I am sure I do not begin to know about most of the pranks that occured in the hallowed halls of ole South High.  I was too busy putting my shoulder to the wheel to earn my way into college somewhere, somehow and missed most of the fun.   I take it that you were kicked out of school ?   Was it for a certain length of time or how did that work?   Your career in the service definitely has served you well and sounds like you served them very well.  And, by the way, thanks for your service.  My son has a career in the Army all because they saw him playing soccer in Colorado at the Olympic Development Games and recruited him when he took over the coach's job.  He was not happy they were loosing, rallied the players and his team won.  West Point was impressed,  Steve decides to try to get into West Point, and succeeds.   He then played soccer on the Army Soccer Team and learned to fly the blackhawk helicopter all while managing someway, I'll never understand how,  to not get kicked out of school for some of  his shinanigans  (I'm sure I do not know about half of them).    He is a major now and will retire in approximately 2+ years when I think he will start his own company, if wifey agrees,  flying skiiers to exotic places so he can ski there also.  As you probably gathered, I am very, very proud of him and he is so very good to me.

I would love to hear more from the South High prank arena if anyone cares to share.

Also, did anyone know my good-looking bro Lionel who was the catcher on South's baseball team?  He was 2 yrs. younger than us, and has passed due to cancer.  If you have any stories about him, PLEASE share.  I have one to share.   He and some of his friends were partying at the Great Salt Lake when one of his drunk buddies pushes/ drives his Dad's car into the lake---on purpose ( I think the booze helped with that one).

A relative of mine who is a Granitian. I sorta forgive him for it , has a great memory and answered my question about the restaurant on Highland Drive.  He said it was not a clown face, but a face of a black person and you did enter the restaruant through his open mouth.  It was called the Coon Chicken Inn (can you imagine that being in SLC now? Lawsuits a plenty would be decorating their walls). Thanks for your help with the name of the pizza place--- the Italian Village rings true and they knew their trade!  

Peace and happiness,

Susan Hemmingsen Marchant 

09/21/13 08:59 AM #8    


Dwight Tolley


Well, I guess I got my restaurants mixed up.  You were not the only one to bring it to my attention.  I can’t believe that my mind would slip a gear after only 50+ years.  While I do recall the Coon Chicken Inn I am not sure where it was located.


Yes, I was kicked out of school.  What an  embarrassment for me and my family.  I tried to be strong but it really hurt to be relegated to a high school dropout with such a stupid prank.  I stumbled from one meaningless job to another until I went into the Army.  I even lost my first high school love.


Sorry to hear about the loss of your brother.  Cancer is such an ugly word...sounds like your son is doing well in the Army.  Some are better suited for it than others.  A big thanks to him for his service.


I have many old stories that could be told but only after hearing from those involved that they should be shared.


Thanks for reaching out...



09/22/13 08:21 AM #9    


Susan Hemmingsen (Marchant)

Dwight, thanks for your condolences concerning my brother.  And,if it is possib le sometime for you to get permission to share stories that would be fun.

 I am off to Sacramento to celebrate my grandson Ben's brithday as well as mine. When my son Jeff invited me I said sounds terrific---we can celebrate Benjamin turning one and this Nana Thuzie (me) turning one hundred. Jeff, afrolling his eyes I am sure, replied, "Whatever, Mom."   Jeff is a structural engineer who is currently helping build the 49er's stadium, and next will work on the new Apple buildings.  He also played soccer at West Point, attending for two years when his brother Steve was here.  I was just sure I was going to hear one day that they were both being punished for starting some kind of trouble together.  They did, they just didn't get caught.  Army life was not for Jeff, plus he had a gal that he missed terribly, so he came back home and graduated for the U of U. (go Utes!)  I have three sons who are engineers, Jeff-structural, Steve-environmental, and Kyle-computer.  Their dad was an engineer in my book.  That is what he first majored in at the U of U, but he ended up making a switch towards the end of college and graduated in political science.  After graduating, most of his employment had to do with engineering.  So they got their smarts in that direction from Roger because math and yours truly struggled big time.

Loved that the Runnin' Utes took it to the Y last night.  

 Have a good one all of you young cubs,

Susan Hemmingsen Marchant

10/28/16 06:15 PM #10    


Susan Hemmingsen (Marchant)

Thought I would shout out a hello to everyone, thank those who have sent birthday wishes (better than I have done), and send a group birthday wish to all of you who have turned or are turning, let's see somewhere in your late twenties?  I hope you have a good one, filled with fun whatever way you choose to find it and are not suffering too much from the affects of being in your twenties.

Wouldn't that be nice?  I recently had some new aches and pains, they got worse and I imagined the worst, too, finally broke down and went to the doc.  The diagosis was mostly a relief as I did think someone was sticking pins in their voodo doll and sending me anything but good wishes.  Found out I need new hips, both of them need to be replaced.  I've needed new knees for at least ten years now, so this makes a total of, well, I can't do that heady math as the South High Math Dept. failed me, but too damn (is swearing allowed on this forum?) many operations.  Yes, I do tell myself that mainly I am lucky that I have something that can be fixed.  I pleaded with the doc to just put me out, under a scanner, and out I could pop with all new bones. Maybe that is around the corner?

So, then I was thinking that all that  walking (and running) in the hallowed halls of South High just took their toll on my bones.  Or, perhaps it was my squirming through some of the classes that droned on and on? But then, I did get the answer through my trusty four lead was due to the fact that South High in the three years we were there did not manage to even take a First Place Trophy in a hopscotch tournament,, and I did climb stairs to get to quite a few games and march in the peppy club, and what good did it do?  Yeah, it just wore out my limbs and no blue ribbons of adornment to show off.  Sheesh.  See, it was someone else's fault as I couldn't be guilty.

Please give a shout out to say Hello if you care to, and, of course, divulge the latest and greatest secrets in your life (or not).

Keep Safe, Peace and Love,

Susan Hemmingsen Marchant 


06/09/17 09:56 AM #11    


Susan Hemmingsen (Marchant)'s moi again proving that I can sort of type with my left hand and my 2 new hips!  Had just gotten the go ahead from the doc that my second was good for getting into trouble with when I smashed my right wrist up real well (most broken bone in the body when clutzes like moi attempt to catch themselves).  Had to be operated on adding 8 pins & 2 plates......very painful....more than the hip operations.

I still hope to add one knee operation in I really can give them heck at the airports being an ld old bionic women.

Loving the warm colorful summer in Utah. Hope u r too, where ever u b.  I had trouble with my heating this past winter which took 2 long shivering months to solve......oh, the joys of living in the fist condos in the USA.  I adore summers & springs.

Thanks SO MUCH to those who hane written to me since my last post...... I pomise I loved hearing from u & will reply.

Keep safe & well everyone.....I hope we all live through Donald Trump.....heis one scary goon in my way of thinking.

Peace, freedom, and critical thinking to all,

Sue Hemmingsen Marchant





06/10/17 09:45 AM #12    

Gwen Aupperle (Koehler)

Hi, Susan, my 'ole friend,  Interesting hearing about another bionic woman who challenges those TSA folks.  I have a 72 year old knee and a 4 year old knee and 3 fingers with replacement joints, all due to osteoarthritis .  Little did we know as we strutted around in our Southern Bell uniforms or did the splits in my cheerleader skirt what lay ahead!  But, hey we are still forces to be reckoned with.  

I have one son and he and his wife have given us two grandchildren.  Heidi is following in my footsteps, or I should say, toeshoe steps, as a ballerina and Nick is quite the musician (baritone in a marching band and trombone in the stage band) and does well in math and science.  He is working on his Eagle Scout badges.So far they, at ages 13 and 15, have not caused their parents any angst.  Sure fun to be in the same city with them and watch them grow.   Enough button bursting!

My husband and I have done several backpacks together over the years (hence the knee replacement) and he still does more strenuous ones than I care to attempt.  We are leaving in a few days to go to our camp in Canada where I have gone most summers since I was a year old.  We have just signed the property over to my son as he and family love the spot and will carry on as caretakers.

I just lost my dad last summer at the age of 101.  My mom made it to 94.  Dad did well almost to the end but mom had Alzheimer's---awful to watch the long, slow goodbye.  If you went to Irvining Jr. High perhaps you remember him there as the music teacher.                         Will be fun to keep in touch through this site, love, Gwen (Aupperle) Koehler      Colorado Springs, CO.                                             





05/12/18 03:39 PM #13    


Susan Hemmingsen (Marchant)

Hard to hear of the passing of fellow Southerners and teachers and thanks for the updates.  Miss Marsh's French classes were a ray of sunshine to me because of her bubbly demeanor; I felt like if I needed someone to talk to I would find a listening French ear, and her classes made me feel she loved teaching and even loved me, one brain-dead teen.  Thanks Miss Marsh,  I have regrets I didn't reach out to you as an adult to thank you.

Want to thank South High friends who have reached out in friendship......I have been lousy about being a decent friend in answering, but, if I dare say, I plan to.  After my emersion of four operations in seven months, I can now type without sloooow picking, am free of hip pain (bless those amazing docs), and my left knee is almost good to go.  I made the mistake of going to the eye doctor lately only to discover that two catarac surgeries are on the horizon to add to my right knee replacement.  But, despite my complaints, I feel extremetly blessed that those "amazing" docs are able to fix what ails me  Now, if they could only deliver on my other needs of more brains, more money, and that beach front vacation home.

Take care and may the summer months be fun and not-too-warm for you and yours.

Susan Hemmingsen Marchant.









05/12/18 08:39 PM #14    

Gwen Aupperle (Koehler)

This in response to Susan Hemmingson Marchant,   Hi Susan,  Gwen here, fellow Southern Bell and friend.

Interesting news about your physical challenges.  I, too, have a right knee replacement!  Been 31/2 years since I had it done.  Not pain free but definitely an improvement and now my left knee is asking for attention.  Not ready to go through all that again but we'll see, it is a tough recovery but it has kept me hiking and dancing.  Even did several backpack miles with my husband a couple of years ago.  I also have had 4 finger joint replacements---all due to osteo arthritis.  As someone once told me, "Gettin' old ain't for sissies!"

I have kept in touch and had several visits with Lynne (Madron) Davis.  We attended the 50 year reunion for South High together a few years back.  She may be here in Colorado for a visit in June.

My son and family live near us in Colorado Springs and my 2 grand children are busy teenagers whom I adore.

It was good to see your response to the memorial for Miss March.  We must have been in her classes together.  She was a great teacher and you expressed that so well.  Cheers, Gwen

02/11/19 02:29 PM #15    


Susan Hemmingsen (Marchant)

One  Bad Poem, but Hey, I Fill Inspired to Share to Help Your Day Today-




Seventy-five, seventy-five, did we ever think we'd survive?

I knew for sure I liked eighteen, or 22, it too would do.]

3-Quarters of a century, for all those in the know

My dauther-in-law says, is one truly lucky show.

Well, I can't tie my shoes, nor run to the john,

Hell, can't easily put my own stockings on.

My teeth I still have, but expensive it is,

As the dentist and I are not relatives.

My hair is pure white, but not my ole teeth

The Justice in that? Just brings me grief.

Calls to invest in a funeral plot

I endlessly hear, yes rather a lot.

If that's what you call quite a grand show,

I'll pass daughter-in law, this I do know.

Don't get me wrong as I groaaan and I wail,

The alternative, worms n' all, I'll pass on, full scale.

God I'm not sure of, nor angels and such

So I'll stay around moaning, thanks very much.

Seventy-five, ole seventy five, Ain't it just grand to be alive?





02/11/19 08:07 PM #16    

Judy Granger (Bell)

Very talented sweet lady.  Thanks for the wonderful poem.

02/12/19 03:39 PM #17    


Susan Hemmingsen (Marchant)

Hi Judy,

Very nice to hear from you.  Thanks for the compliment---you are kind and you lie too, but hey, who doesn't?

I am envious of you in St. George....SLC is too cold.  Still hope one of these times for Shauna and I to visit you

you and take in a play and lunch and memories.  Take care of yourself----we've made it this far, right?

Peace and love to a Beautiful South High Graduate,


02/12/19 07:08 PM #18    

Judy Granger (Bell)

Thank you right back!  I would love that so much.  I really miss SLC & my friends & family.

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